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The Birth of Artistic Revolution

Striking, dramatic, beautiful, and reflective

After years of honing their craft, Guy Laliberté, a member of Les Échassiers, decided that the show they had developed was ready to delight fans outside of their home town. In 1984, to mark the 450th anniversary of the discovery of Canada by Jacque Cartier, Laliberté decided to take the show on a province-wide tour, giving people a glimpse of the future of the circus arts while reflecting on the history of their storied nation. Street performances featured outrageous costumes, magical lighting, and original music.

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    Everything is ready! It's time for fun. Try all possible lighting modes and presentation techniques.


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You can buy our pixel poi and different resolution transformers, pixel fans, dragon staff heads and vision sticks. For props manufacturers we can provide components to make your own pixel equipment.

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With over 100 pre-installed patterns, Z-pixel is perfect for create your dream performers without any coding whatsoever. I love it!
Mirella Rios Lisbon, Portugal
Z-pixel helped me radically change my image and win a new audience. Thank you!
Miguel Duarte Madrid, Spain
Our shows have never attracted as much attention as with the equipment from Z-pixel. It is definitely worth it!
Bartosz Majewski Kraków, Poland
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